Computer Lab

Bangladesh IT Institute is providing the most modern facilities and upgraded technology and is committed to upgrading these facilities to keep pace with changing technology. Every student is expected to observe proper decorum when using the computers. Trainees who need to use computers for institutional/educational work will have priority.

Rules of Computer Lab :

• Playing games on the computer or over the network is prohibited.

• Participation in electronic meeting places such as chat rooms, building on-line social network for non-school related activities is prohibited.

• Students are not allowed to install software onto the computers or tamper with software already installed by institution personnel.

• A student’s password is confidential and should not be revealed to another student. A student revealing his or her password to another student will be fully responsible for any misuse of his/her account.

• Students are not to acquire or use another student’s password.

• The use or downloading of profane or obscene language and objectionable materials, music file, video, political, anti-social, gambling, dating sites are not permitted.

• Hacking is illegal and prohibited.